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Dachshund: Charming, short-legged and a mind of its own

Dachshunds are the smallest and bravest German hunting dogs. These confident and full-of-character dogs also enjoy being loyal companions. They can be very smart, loyal and hugely cuddly, but like to remain independent. Their elongated body shape is famous therefore they are not made for big jumps. The two Dachshund sizes and the three coat styles also differ greatly in temperament.

Dog breed

Beagle: I'm off then...following my hunting and eating instinct

Beagles are almost always good-tempered, gentle and happy dogs. They show great friendliness towards people and children. On the other hand, they have a strong hunting and eating instinct, a lot of energy and great independence, which can be seen as stubbornness. Since Beagles are very sociable, they often do not like to be left alone and they are not quiet either.

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Poisonous: These plants can be toxic for dogs

We all enjoy the summer with our dogs in the green and are happy about beautiful plants on the balcony, the terrace and in the garden. But many plants are unfortunately poisonous for our dogs.

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